dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

Your Mister Leather Netherlands 2018 Contestant shares:
!!! HIS GOAL !!!
Soon after I attended the Homogroep Zuid (Gaygroup South) in 2005, I started maintaining their website. After a short period of time a few elderly approached me for their private online issues. Within a year, the word spread as fast as lightning and I had to stop doing the website. The group of people I help became bigger and bigger and I found out that there is a lot of fear in being online. What can people see? What would people think? And mostly, is it safe? Up until today I am still very active in Amsterdam and Amstelveen and by being Mister Leather Netherlands I hope to get more publicity for this and hopefully I can take it to a bigger platform.

You might say, Why? Well, gay people’s questions and their computers are totally different than a straight person’s questions and computers. Also most gay elderly don’t have kids to help them out or because of the content on their computers, they do not want to ask their family members. In leather I always feel most comfortable and so I can motivate more gay elderly feeling more comfortable online. Let me help them, so they’ll help each other and others!

So please come vote for me the 27th of October at Undercurrent and help me help others?